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Our client, an enterprise retail software development specialist focusing on customer experience is seeking an individual to assume the role of a Technical Lead Developer. The successful incumbent will be responsible for CODE QUALITY, working on Customer Projects or Core Product Delivery Teams, as well as supporting the DPM by modifying, developing, testing and maintaining application systems.



  • SDLC - Leads or helps to lead project teams to design, develop and test enterprise-ready business applications in a variety of configurations (e.g. web-based, desktop-based, service-based or scheduled processes).  
  • BEST PRACTICES - Understands industry best practice related to coding and tools & understands the company’s established best practices. 
  • DEVELOP – Write quality code, set an example of quality for the team members. Gain team’s respect by producing quality of code and applying own practices
  • CODE & PEER REVIEWS - Uses expertise and mentoring skills, alongside practices such as code reviews and codanalysis, to ensure the team adheres to best practice when developing solutions.


  • Designs, plans and oversees the development of entire solutions from scratch, or solutions that integrate with third -party applications, or that interact with existing legacy systems. Justifies design and development decisions based upon industry experience.
  • Helps Database Developers design databases and ensures the Development Team writes efficient, effective database access code in line with best practice.
  • Owns, researches, evaluates and fully understands potential technical solutions to business problems
  • Must have a very good understanding of the solution architecture
  • Removes technical impediments
  • Set reasonable expectations for the team members


  • Works with QA Analysts to develop and implement testing plans.
  • Ensures the team writes the necessary code to automate testing in line with the Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology.


  • Has well-established knowledge of programming languages and tools in general;
  • Also has an understanding and recognition of where other appropriate tools are more applicable. 
  • Be a “reference book” for the team



  • Perform technical management
  • Build & maintain high team morale
  • Be role model for the team
  • Actively foster knowledge sharing, to avoid centralization of knowledge and avoid creating dependences on any single person in projects
  • Mentor & raise skill levels of team members
  • Motivate team members, especially when working under pressure with tight deadlines
  • Maintain quality deliverables, on time, to agreed expectations
  • Be approachable to assist with any functional or technical concerns
  • Maintain a balance between technical and leadership functions


  • Ensure the root causes of systems issues are diagnosed effectively by working with the team to improve their problem-solving skills and build upon their knowledge of existing systems.

COLLABORATE - Working collaboratively within the Agile development team:

  • As a technical expert, works collaboratively with DPM, Architects, Developers, Product Owners, Business Analysts, QA (Testers) to identify and specify business requirements and derive the design of  the  related solution,  and  ensures  these  are  translated  into  technical  specifications  (including  Class,  Sequence  and  other  UML diagrams) by the Development team.
  • Works alongside customers and DPM to ensure quality, effective software is delivered regularly by the team, in line with the SAFe (Agile) Development process and methodology.
  • As a member of the team, to assist and enable other team members to meet sprint deliveries according to the requirements set.
  • Participate in Planning Meetings, Sprint Planning Development Cycles every 2 weeks and Daily Standup meetings
  • Provide and document the technical design solution for the Developers to code.
  • Deliver according to the Definition of Done and the Definition of Ready.
  • Update JIRA with accurate information to identify risks/issues proactively at the sprint level
  • Constantly looking for ways to increase the teams’ velocity/productivity by eliminating the waste.
  • Support the development process by assisting and mentoring Developers to understand the technical solution.


  • Ideally an IT Diploma or related Degree will be an advantage but is not essential.
  • Minimum requirement is Matric with at least 7 years of on the job work experience.
  • Retail exposure would be an advantage
  • Experience in using Agile (SAFe) methodologies will be an advantage.
  • Exposure to Enterprise development preferred.

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