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Do you have 4 to 6 years software testing experience as well as 2 to 3 years’ experience in managing a team? Our client, a leading financial service provider is seeking a Team Leader to manage a team of test analyst and senior test analyst to ensure that the highest level of quality of all the company’s systems is maintained to minimise risks.


  • Provide input into departmental budget to ensure appropriate resource allocation in achievement of departmental goals
  • Ensure that the implementation of the departmental / strategy implementation plan is on track by creating test plans which give time and quality that needs to be met to ensure they stay within deadlines and give structure on what needs to be done
  • Ensure efficiency and productivity improvements by staying abreast of technology changes and conduct Lessons learnt - meetings to identify what went well and what went not well and how to take corrective steps
  • Build relationships with colleagues, peers and staff by using appropriate interpersonal styles
  • Ensure all team members do a peer reviews on each other's test cases to make sure all criteria are met
  • Create and implement staff and resource plans clear work allocation accountability to deliver on the departmental / divisional strategy
  • Review and give input into peer reviews that is completed so that requirements can be signed off and the testing process can start to ensure execution and corrective action taken effectively
  • Ensure the business unit conducts user acceptance testing and give support where necessary
  • Write a User Acceptance Testing report and distribute to all stakeholder to manage expectations and adhere to timelines
  • Conduct a pre-UIT session and run the relevant business unit through the changes and manage their expectation with regard to the final product
  • Ensure that the Testers do Integrated Verification Testing and check that the test environment of the application is correct to ensure readiness for tests execution
  • Ensure that they execute the function of being the gatekeepers of the testing process to ensure that entry and exit criteria for each testing phase is met and that quality processes are adhere to
  • Check that team efficiency and effectiveness improved year on year by assessing individuals skills; determine areas of growth and motivate need for training to improve skills based on their needs
  • Check for any defect reports to get perspective of what system quality looks like to determine status of specific project and manage implications of that by discussing with team and tell them what to do when necessary
  • Monitor test progress and defect resolutions throughout the day to ensure that the testing process continuously
  • Manage situation when team is not able to test due to environmental problems by providing Infrastructure with the relevant symptoms to enable them to identify and solve the problem so that the team can continue testing
  • Escalate decision making to management when the business requirements for the testing changes to ensure all stakeholder are informed and in agreement with testing process
  • Manage defect logging by setting a standard for the process; ensure correct communication between testers and developers take place so that developers get as much info as possible in order for them to fulfil defect resolution
  • Ensure that the test process is implemented in time and on standard by staying on track with the test plans. Test process includes extracting requirements and creating and executing test cases
  • Ensure team follow processes, standards and protocols and procedures by constant monitoring of all activities throughout the day on the TFS (Team Foundation Server)


  • Transformation and Innovation Management Experience IT Degree
  • 4-6 years having done software testing, including 2-3 years’ experience in managing a team

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Banking/Finance And Investment

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Gauteng - JHB North